Olympic swimming pool "Centar"

Olympic swimming pool "Centar" has completely electronically water chlorination and filtration 24/7, controlled by the Public Health Center "Skopje" and highest degree of hygiene

Olympic swimming pool "Centar"

Olympic swimming pool "Centar" is presenting the swimming to you. As you should know the swimming is the most appreciated sport when it is your health in question according to the World Health Organization. It reliefs you from the everyday stress and can relax your muscles.

Numerous medical researches with no exception are showing that swimming is the best sport to improve your personal health and physical condition of your body through the cardiovascula
system. It strengthens every muscle and has a very positive effect on your spine (discus hernia, spondilosis..) as a huge health issue because the people are spending so much time
sitting nowdays.

The swimming is especially important sport for you kids, because it strengthens the heart muscle and also increases the capacity of kids lungs.
This sport improves your concentraion because while swimming your brain is relaxed and it causes positive effect later on.

The water makes natural pressure to the replication of the natural human movement and helps to reinstate the muscle tissue.

The Olympic swimming pool "Centar" is the only pool in the country with bacteriological and chemical water checking by the Center of Public Health on a weekly basis, and the
only one with 24/7 completely electronic filtration of the water.

We have a licenced team of lifeguards and water safety instructors from the Red Cross of North Macedonia who are taking care of our visitors water safety.

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